Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a call here so we can verify your space and you can learn about our partner program.
No, we want you to book directly with the coliving spaces! We have their websites listed to easily jump to their booking pages.
When you select dates on the map, it will show any plans that have at least one overlapping date during that period on the map. This is helpful to see where your friends will be during certain times in the future.
Go to your profile page. Click on your number of countries/percentage of the world button. This will open a screen to add other countries. Make sure you save at the end!
Go to the calendar page on the app. Click the share button. You can then choose the plans you want to share and download a nicely designed calendar of your upcoming trips to your photos. You can then upload the photo to Instagram, send it to a friends, or share however you'd like!
Reach out to us at
Featured plans can be a variety of trips, events, or retreats hosted by communities or groups and are open to other nomads. They are hosted by our partners which have been vetted to host quality trips for nomads.
Yes, you can post a plan from the past to record it in your profile but it will not show up in the feed.
Yes, this can be helpful if you are considering different options.
Yes, other people can see who you've invited.
Click the gear icon on your profile page. There will be a change password button where you can change your password.
Your plans can only be seen by the friends that you have added unless you mark a plan as public. Public plans can be seen by any user on the app.
You will receive a notification from Nomadago when one of your plans commences within 100 kilometers of a friend's plan.