About Us

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Nomadago Team

Our Story

The idea for Nomadago grew out of our struggle to stay connected with friends and the complexities of constantly planning your next trip. As nomads, we would meet incredible people around the world and make friends in digital nomad communities but it was always difficult to maintain those friendships. We were constantly messaging back and forth with friends asking where they are going next, looking to see if plans lined up. And then inevitably, plans would change and we were back to messaging again. It was exhausting.

So we built Nomadago. A tool to help plan your travels and stay connected with friends.

We believed that the places and experiences you'll have around the world are best shared with your friends and the people you love. We wanted to help make that possible.

Our Mission

Make travel planning easier for digital nomads. Constant moving as nomads means constant planning. Figuring out where we want to go, who we want to go with, and where we are staying becomes an endless task. Let's make that process more efficient.

That is our goal.

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