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Riverside ecoliving
Riverside ecoliving

Riverside ecoliving

About Riverside ecoliving

We are an exotic paradise 3 hours away from Medellin in the middle of nature with great internet connectivity (100MB dedicated optical fiber), panoramic coworking space, a veggie garden, a café bar, and accommodations to get inspired, connect, and give back. Join this creative-wellness e-coliving with mindful and community activities in nestled, beautiful landscapes in the Western Andes Ranges. Health and experiences for a dream lifestyle are possible at our coliving. Do not worry about anything. Our friendly staff will be making your bed, room cleaning, laundry, meals, getting you transport, and way more, making sure you only have to enjoy your life within the community. Every space is designed with the needs of a digital nomad in mind. We want you to be able to rest, enjoy nature, and work on your projects at the same time. Besides the comfort of your studio, you have access to our Coworking space, multiple exterior spaces, including a yoga center made out of bambú and close-to-home access to a pure river.


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